Most schools have large amounts of documents and files which are constantly created and updated by various authors. These files are produced in different file formats like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, TXT and many others. Most of existing and traditional portal systems requires these documents and file formats to be converted in a specific format like .PDF before it can be uploaded to the school portal. Even when these files are uploaded to the portal, they can only be downloaded prior to it being viewed by the users. The users then need correct program or app to open the downloaded file. These processes requires additional time and effort from both the school and its users.


ePortalis provides an advanced document and file management system allowing schools to provide a collaborative approach where multiple users can work simultaneously on any documents or files.

  • The system automatically supports most popular file formats to be viewed without the need to downloading them. Users can view and read on the go and they are provided with an option to download the file.
  • File versions are created on the portal allowing you to easily revert to prior versions.
  • Remote access allows your users to work flexibly, autonomously and collaboratively from inside or outside the school network.
  • Auto sync automatically uploads or updates files between your computer and school portal once you are connected to the Internet. This is great for staff that do not really want the hassle of signing into a portal to keep files updated. For example, a P.E. Teacher can maintain a sports fixture and timetable folder on their computer, adding and removing files as required. This folder can automatically sync to a portal page containing the document manager updating in real time.
  • Allows your users to work securely on these files even remotely.
  • Digital User Experience ensuring specific files are provided to specific user.
  • Elasticsearch to ensure these can be quickly searched.


80% time saving through lesser user enquiry as users are able to quickly search the relevant files.
A secured and highly efficient school portal system as network documents and files are stored in a central repository in your server.
99% increase in confidence to school portal admins by allowing them to easily switch between any versions of the documents and files.
A better collaboration as multiple people can work on multiple documents at the same time.
20% increase in timely completion of tasks by providing flexibility for users as they could work at own pace and not confined to school network.

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