Better Collaboration using ePortalis

Kolbe Catholic College is a co-educational Year 7 to 12 school serving the people of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. In addition to managing all contents on the school portal themselves, they wanted to ensure the new school portal delivers better collaboration for their students, parents, teachers and staff through sharing of information securely as well as allowing ownerships for relevant pages to certain staff and teachers.


The most common problem we have seen across schools we have worked is managing the contents on their school portal. A school portal for any school is a collaborative approach where different pages on the school portal need to be managed by different people or authority, for example, junior school page to be managed by Head of Junior School, digital learning managed by Director of IT, principal message by the school Principal, and so forth.

With traditional portals this may not be achievable as it only allows Portal Administrator with such permissions which makes the school portal heavily reliable on this user type or in some cases a single person.


ePortalis is a complete Content Management System providing total control for your school portal. Relevant school staff or teachers are assigned permissions to provide ownership for specific portal page(s) allowing them to manage applications and contents including images, documents, files and videos. For example, Head of Junior School is assigned as the owner for junior school pages. The Head of Junior School may require the school registrar to add and update contents on these pages but do not want it to be published until he or she approves it. Similarly, other portal pages that requires ownerships and workflows can be easily applied from your school portal.


  • 100% accuracy in keeping page content up to date. When content authors have ownership and control they need to correctly administer portal pages a very real ‘roadblock’ has been removed.
  • Flexibility to setup the administration and approval process that make sense for your school.
  • Over 90% increase in Collaboration when the portal update process fits perfectly with your school.
  • Content update efficiency is improved by 95%. No more ‘gatekeepers’ becoming a bottle neck to portal updates.

Cloud vs On-Premises

ePortalis can be hosted in cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) or on-premises on your school servers. Additionally, with the cloud model, we provide you with flexibility of hosting our SaaS with any of your chosen cloud computing service provider.

A basic comparison between the two models is outlined below.

The ePortalis software is installed on your school serverThe ePortalis software is hosted outside of your
Allows you to have full control of your infrastructureInfrastructure control is dependent on the service providert school network
Scaling up and down have time delaysCapacity is easy to scale up and down
The servers needs to be maintained by the schoolThe server is managed by the provider
It is a purpose built systemSystem is defined by the service provider

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