JWAM has been delivering pioneering website and portal solutions to schools for over two decades. With emerging digital technologies and continuous changes to implement new systems at schools has been a challenge that most of the schools faces today. With this in mind, we pride ourselves in delivering our innovative portal solution that can integrate with your existing systems, providing collaboration for the school community users and which is complimented by the users.

JWAM Portal solutions is provided as a cloud model as well as a software. ePortalis by JWAM Portal is a white label portal solutions for schools provided as a Software as a Service hosted in cloud within our Amazon Web Services environment providing 256-bit advanced encryption to your data. Our software model lets you install the software in your school environment.

JWAM Portal is a fully Content Management System and Document Management System that is packed with applications ready to use for your day to day operations. Its customisable user interface is easy to manage and loved by school administrators, staffs, students and parents.

Our passion is combining creative ideas with clever, rock solid development to redefine portals and their capabilities while offering a new ease of use that has no pier.


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