Cloud Model

A white label solution that can be setup within minutes and hosted with AWS providing 256-bit AES encryption for your data. The cloud model minimises your operational overheads by eliminating hardware, software and other associated costs.

Hybrid Model

We understand the complexity of school systems with data spread across multiple systems. The hybrid model allows you to use the cloud model and display relevant information from your in-house systems on to the portal through integration. With SSO enabled, it eliminates the need to remember passwords for accessing these systems.

Bespoke Model

A fully customised portal hosted within your infrastructureand integrated with your systems. It provides enhanced flexibility like having your own design and features based on your specific requirements. Many additional features like SSO, customised application, and others can be included based on the requirements.


Our APIs makes the portal seamlessly integrate with most of your existing IT systems.

Contents from other Website - The portal displays contents from external sources by simply adding a URL link on any page. It provides a great way to display information such as events calendar or web feeds that you already have on your website.

Timetabler or Other Timetable Software - The software can seamlessly integrate with your timetable software. The timetable integration allows students and teachers timetable to be displayed on their portal dashboard as well as viewed on the calendar.

MS Exchange Server - The portal calendar can be integrated with your existing Microsoft Exchange Server so that calendar events and entries on both calendars (portal calendar and Outlook calendar) remain in sync.

Google Calendar - Similar to MS Outlook calendar, the ePortalis calendar integrates with Google calendar where both these calendars remain in sync with each other.

Single Sign-On - Allows you to provide single login credential for multiple systems. It support CAS (Central Authentication Service), NTML (Microsoft protocol used for authentication through Microsoft IE when authenticating to a workgroup), Kerberos, OpenID, Atlassian Crowd, OpenSSO, SAML, and others.

SIS - MAZE, Synergetic, TASS and others.

Others - LDAP, Active Directory, Accelerus, SEQTA, SharePoint, and many more.


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